Ever wonder what the new equipment you're having installed looks like, how it operates, how big is it, etc?  Here are a group of links to our most popular type of products so you can be sure you've gotten exactly what your pool needs --

Polaris 380 Automatic Vacuum -- cleans your pool automatically

DE Filter -- DE filters use diatomaceous earth as a filter media. The DE filter has plastic grids covered with a plastic type of fabric. A layer of filter powder called Diatomaceous Earth covers the grids and does the filtering.

As the water passes through the filter powder, any debris down to 5-8 microns is filtered out. Because the DE is much finer that sand, it is able to filter much more finely than a sand filter. It microfilters your water so your pool stays crystal clear of even the tiniest particles

Hayward Color Logic Light Fixture -- puts on an incredible light show for Hayward Color Logicyou and your guests

Meyco pool covers -- keeps your kids/pets/wildlife out of your pool during the off-season and keeps out sunlight so the pool water stays clean no matter what happens over winter

Electronic gas heater -- the best at extending the pool season so you and your family can swim longer and in comfort

Old World Vinyl Pool Liners -- beautiful new patterns that will make your pool look new and beautiful.  Important tip -- there are two tiny arrows located at the bottom right of their pages which you need to click to scroll through.  There are 3 pages of liner selections to choose from.

Salt Generators -- One of the first alternative sanitizers introduced to the pool and spa industry was the chlorine generator. Chlorine generators are attractive to pool owners simply because they eliminate the need to store, buy, transport and handle chlorine. They are not an alternative to chlorine, but actually make their own chlorine from regular table salt. The pool water passes through a generator cell that creates the chlorine within the pool water.

How Does It Work?

As pool water passes through the chlorine generator cell, pumped through by your filter pump, the salt in the water is turned into Hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid is the exact same component that is produced when any chlorine is added to pool water, whether you use sticks, tablets, granular or liquid. As the water returns to the pool, it will introduce the newly produced chlorine, preventing algae, bacteria and killing micro-organisms, creating a safe and sanitary swimming environment.

OK? How does it really work?

This mild, pleasant saline water is sanitized through the process of electrolysis, as mentioned above. The electrolytic cell, through the use of a small electric current, breaks down the water into its basic elements, Hydrogen and Oxygen. By adding small quantities of granulated salt (much like household table salt - NaCI), Hypochlorous Acid (common chlorine) is produced. During the process, the Hypochlorous Acid (Chlorine) is ultimately converted back to salt. Thus, the salt does not get "used up". Salt only needs to be "topped off" once or twice a year and only to replace salt lost due to water splash-out, bather drag off or filter backwashing.

Sealant -- Need to seal the gap between your pool's edge and your concrete -- we can install Dec-o-Seal for a neat, waterproof seal.  Here is the Dec-o-Seal color chart --