Here are some Frequently Asked Questions 

When is it time to replace my vinyl pool liner?

Usually casual observation will tell you.  Things to look for include numerous patches in the liner, faded color, obvious wrinkles in the bottom of the pool.  Please don't wait until Critical Mass!  An empty pool is a very bad thing and may result in structural damage. If you think your liner has had it, don't wait.  Call today for a replacement estimate.  Estimates are always free!

Pattern Flaking Off
To understand why the pattern may flake off, there must be a basic understanding of the procedures involved in the printing of your pool liner. The print pattern is applied by a process called "roto-gravure" printing. The inks used are solvent based and when applied to the vinyl they actually bond themselves to the vinyl by "biting" into the it. Then a clear "top coat" is applied to increase abrasion resistance and provide an added layer of UV protection.

The cause of ink flaking off the vinyl is low water PH. An acidic environment will weaken the bond by softening the coating and eventually the ink. The more acidic the environment the greater the likelihood of damage. The effect is cumulative and irreversible. Once this softening occurs, the coating and ink are susceptible to abrasion and flaking.

Always keep your pool at the recommended PH of 7.4 to 7.8. Deviation from these levels will adversely effect the performance of your liner.

Should I have a heater installed?

It depends.  Do you swim frequently?  Are you interested in improving your overall health/reducing your weight?  A pool heater is a good idea for those who want to enjoy the use of their pool for as long as possible and in the comfort of water that isn't icy cold.  Talk to us about the possibility of installing a heater in your pool.

Why do my eyes burn after swimming in the pool?  Do I need to add more chlorine to the water?

No, there is a PH balance problem with your pool water.  It will need to be adjusted.  You will need a test kit to add the appropriate chemicals.  Please do not just throw in more chemicals without testing the water first.  You could be doing more harm than good.  An easy way to keep your pool clean and balanced is to get Weekly Pool Service.  Once a week, we come and vac the pool and adjust the chemicals.  If you would like more information regarding this popular service, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Post Hurricane Pool Care --

If you are having us clean the pool, please note that we will typically Vac to Waste every pool after a hurricane to remove excessive dirt and debris. Normally this uses up several inches of water. Your pool is not leaking. It is normal for the water level to be down after a Vac to Waste. We ask that you top up the water to mid-skimmer level when we are done cleaning your pool.

How to Prepare your pool for a hurricane?

The best thing you can do to protect your pool from a hurricane is to remove the outside furniture and/or potted plants, buckets etc. that could be blown into the pool. From the inside of pool, remove robot vacuum, nets, skimmers, toys, floats, etc.

Also it is always advisable to remove any dangerous tree branches that may fall into your pool or equipment and cause damage. 

You may wish to lower the water level to mid-skimmer level (its normal level) if it is currently overfilled. Do NOT empty out your pool. Your pool was designed with an overflow built in and will discharge at least some water into your backyard. After the storm you may need to clean debris out of your pool, test the water, adjust the chemicals and then lower the water back to the normal level when you are done.

If you need help cleaning and/or repairing your pool after the hurricane/tropical storm, etc., please call the office to schedule an appointment. For safety reasons, we will send out service crews but only AFTER a severe storm has passed (not during). Your call will be returned but expect delays if the weather is really extreme.

How do I backwash my filter --

Turn off the pump
Let pump run until water coming out of backwash line is clear
Once water is running clear, turn pump off and turn handle back to filter
Turn pump on and let run for 1 minute
Repeat procedure 3x
Lastly turn pump on and add 5 lbs. DE

Are there any other alternatives to chlorine?

Yes, there are several but the most popular one is a Chlorine Generator System which turns ordinary salt into chlorine.
The generator is an expense when it is installed, but after that you do not have to add chlorine as salt makes chlorine. This saves you $60 for every bucket you buy.
Salt is softer on your skin.
The new salt systems are great, as they monitor and clean themselves.
You also do not have the obnoxious little floater in your pool all the time with salt.

How often should I test the water in my pool?

Once a week should be sufficient for the average homeowner. If the pool is used every day, then you may wish to test the water more frequently. You can buy a simple test kit or have your service man test your pool water during your weekly cleaning.

I'd like to mail in a check as payment, what's your mailing address --

Sea Breeze Pool & Spa, Inc.
P.O. Box 314
Navesink, NJ 07752

Can I pay for my bill via credit card?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards via phone.

What is your phone number?

(732) 291-2803

What are your business hours?

We are open 8 am to 5 pm during the pool season, however, we check our messages frequently even after hours so please leave message and your call WILL BE returned the following morning.

It's raining/snowing/sleeting today, will my appointment be cancelled?

No, we work rain or shine! We may be a little delayed with the weather but if for any reason your appointment needs to be postponed (a major hurricane coming in would be one reason), we'll call and let you know as soon as possible.